Monday, December 17, 2007

Why do i love music?

I love music. Because music is beautiful, make me happy, and.. it's hard to say with words!. Music is something beautiful to listen, play, and enjoy. Everybody in the whole worlds, must be love music. Even a baby, already listen a music in the stomach of his mother!. In the world of music, there are many kind of them. Such classic, rock, jazz, pop, and much more. I love the jazz, pop and classic. But i'm not too interesting to the rock music. Because it's too hard for me. Now in Indonesia, there are many music contests. Such Indonesian Idol, Asian Idol, AFI, Mamamia, and much more. In the first Asian Idol, the contestants have high singing technique. But I vote for Mike Mohede from Indonesia. He has a great voice, good technique, and great talent. Who will be the first Asian Idol?. We just see.

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