Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Which music do you like?

Many peoples love to heard pop music. I like it too. Pop is the popular genre of music in the world. And there are many other music genre inthe world. Such as jazz, blues, reggae, and many more. In the reggae, there is a king of reggae. Who's that?, off course! Bob Marley the king of reggae. I like reggae, but not a little bit. But I prefer classic than reggae. Classic is more beautiful. The note, the lyrics,..and the instruments. Dont forget the player too!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Why do i love music?

I love music. Because music is beautiful, make me happy, and.. it's hard to say with words!. Music is something beautiful to listen, play, and enjoy. Everybody in the whole worlds, must be love music. Even a baby, already listen a music in the stomach of his mother!. In the world of music, there are many kind of them. Such classic, rock, jazz, pop, and much more. I love the jazz, pop and classic. But i'm not too interesting to the rock music. Because it's too hard for me. Now in Indonesia, there are many music contests. Such Indonesian Idol, Asian Idol, AFI, Mamamia, and much more. In the first Asian Idol, the contestants have high singing technique. But I vote for Mike Mohede from Indonesia. He has a great voice, good technique, and great talent. Who will be the first Asian Idol?. We just see.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Music Band

In Indonesia, there are many newbies band. But i prefer old band. Such Sheilla on7, Letto, and much more. Actually, these new band has teenager band player. So, they are so creative to make a new songs. In the newbies, i like Matta and The Rock. Ahmad Dhani is the leader in "The Rock". I love their song names "Munajat Cinta" . The song is so romantic. I want to build the music band like that. I want to play guitar in my band.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Professional musician

I think, the professional musician is someone that his life, is music. Some people is taking the music course, because he wants to be the professional musician!. The people that wamt to be a professional musician must stdy hard to reach out for their hope. Professional musician is not just a solo concert, conductor, or the orcestra player. The band is the professional too.

Do you want to be a drummer in the band? or guitarist?, I want to be the gutarist in the band. It is fun you know!. In Indonesia, there are many professional musician. Such as Ahmad Dhani, Rieka roeslan, Melly goeslow, and much more. I like Ahmad dhani's songs. The lyrics is so touch, and the notes is beautiful. They are the Indonesia's professional musician. I don't know much about the other country, but i think they don't lose.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing Guitar

Everybody love to playing guitar, me too. I think because guitar is simple, easy to carry, and.. many reason. I love play guitar, because it's interesting. There are many tones, chord, and more. Can you playing guitar?, or take a guitar course?. Some people may take guitar course bacause he wants to be a proffessional musician. But, some people like me may take a guitar course, just to have fun, or.. anything. There are many guitar's species. Such as classic guitar and electric guitar. I love the classic one. Because i don't have any electric gutar. Ha..ha....