Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Professional musician

I think, the professional musician is someone that his life, is music. Some people is taking the music course, because he wants to be the professional musician!. The people that wamt to be a professional musician must stdy hard to reach out for their hope. Professional musician is not just a solo concert, conductor, or the orcestra player. The band is the professional too.

Do you want to be a drummer in the band? or guitarist?, I want to be the gutarist in the band. It is fun you know!. In Indonesia, there are many professional musician. Such as Ahmad Dhani, Rieka roeslan, Melly goeslow, and much more. I like Ahmad dhani's songs. The lyrics is so touch, and the notes is beautiful. They are the Indonesia's professional musician. I don't know much about the other country, but i think they don't lose.

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